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RPG Face Town

Posted by dxeadmin On June - 30 - 2011

Introducing Face Town



  • Face Town brings the many RPG and Action elements of Deus Ex Single Player into a Multiplayer environment.
  • Players choose how they want to play and who they want to be.
  • Based in the Deus Ex World and timeline, Face Town exists at the time when the NSF are the enemy.


  • Improved NPC AI – Face Town Characters (“Locals”) do their own “day-to-day” thing. For example, you may be in one of the night-clubs and a character will get up, go to the bar, buy a drink and return to their table. Later, they may decide to leave and go “home”, possibly by walking or taking the subway.
  • Fully featured conversation system – talk to different Non Player Characters (NPC’s) and have the ability to choose a response.
  • Every action has a consequence – your actions in Face Town will affect how other characters interact with you. If you commit a crime and end up in Jail, you might find it difficult to get a job as a Police Officer.
  • Carry out missions for characters and receive money, do the job really well and get an extra bonus! Some missions are primary goals, others are less important secondary goals.
  • Fully working Keypads, Datacubes, Public Access Terminals and other Information Devices (e.g. Newspapers and Books).
  • Fully working inventory, Health, Goals, Images and Conversation log screens.
  • The gameplay experience will be different for each player. In order to complete missions, each player must go through the required steps. Keypad codes will be different for each player on the same mission, meaning that a player cannot simply ask a friend for the code to get through!
  • Off limit areas – certain areas of Face Town will be unavailable until you have the required skill level or mission.
  • In order to play Face Town you will be required to register. After registration, you will be given a username and password that you must use every time you connect to the server.
  • All progress is recorded by the Face Town backend server; so the next time you play you will have the same inventory, skills and progress – even if you crash or the server goes down!
  • Earn enough money to buy equipment, tools, houses and furniture!
  • Player classes/Jobs include: Thief, Spy, Assassin, Police Officer, Doctor, Partygoer and many more!
  • New models, objects and items.
  • Fight your way through missions or take a stealth approach, it’s your game!
  • Challenge other human players to fight in designated areas. The City of Face Town is generally a safe place, but bad areas do exist!
  • Buy, Sell and Trade with other players. Want to buy something from another player? Name your price and see if they accept!



  • Face Town is NOT a simple map named “RPG” where all you have to do is unlock a weapons room in order to fight. This is a fully fledged Role Playing Game set in the Deus Ex timeline.
  • Nor is it a traditional DXMP fighting map.